We love hummus. We’re obsessed. It’s there for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, at the drop of a hat. It’s there when friends visit, and you need crisps and dip. It’s there when you get home (late, tired, or tipsy) and just want to eat something straight from the fridge.

As fans, and as farmers, we decided to make our very own. However, we wanted to make it differently. Hummus is made using chickpeas imported from the other side of the planet. Yet right here in Britain we grow fava beans, which are an excellent alternative, but usually exported far and wide. So we decided to use this brilliant bean instead!

Let’s be honest, it just makes sense. 

That legume-based game of swapsies just isn’t very good for the environment. So we chose to use fantastic fava beans and blend it with our very own premium cold pressed rapeseed oil made on our family farm in Yorkshire.

We refined the recipe for years. There was beans, sweat, and tears, but eventually we created the finest dip in the land. 

Our fava bean dip is totally plant-based, dairy and gluten free, and made with a small number of the best ingredients, with none of the bad stuff you might find in bog-standard own-brand hummus. 

We support other British farmers, champion low food miles and care about our environment (we’re working feverishly hard to make our pots biodegradable ASAP!) 

But above all want to make the best food possible with British beans and be good people while we’re at it, that’s why we called ourselves The Honest Bean Co.  

We absolutely love our dips, and we hope you do too!